This service is designed for extremely urgent freight that requires to be sent on the next available service. Your freight could travel via Road or Air whichever is available. The courier driver will be despatched immediately to collect your package and deliver direct to the terminal. At the destination terminal, a courier driver will collect your package and deliver direct your premises.

Package Size: As small as an envelope and as large as the airplane capabilities can handle such as large pallets.

Package types: envelope, boxes, parcels, satchels, pallets, skids, crates.

The service will be backed by our 100% money back guarantee if we could not deliver your package within the time frame guaranteed.

Air Wing Logistics Limited offers daily flights to servcie your primary markets all over the world which allow you to the transportation of all your cargo as efficiently as possible. Fixed schedules on our daily flights give you the flexibility to delay to accelerate delivery of your goods to satisfy your supply chain requirements. For more remote or complex destinations, our specialists arrange creative routings with scheduled departures several times a week.


When cost effectiveness is what you are looking for, we consolidate your cargo in our own facilities to increase efficiency, reduce handling and optimize costs. Our consolidated services include secure, reliable and efficient scheduled transports to all major commercial centers around the world several times a week.

Cost effective, global service

Typical transit time of 5-7 days

Service for general cargo (no dangerous goods, oversized or temperature-controlled cargo)


We provide full and part charter cargo and passenger aircrafts. Our dedicated team offers all aspects of air charter including project management, planning and execution. And we offer our tailor-made services worldwide.          
-Full and part charter cargo solutions
-Passenger flights
-Long and short time chartering of aircrafts
-Transport of sensitive commodities
-Landing and overflight permissions
-Cargo and passenger handling at airports
-Loading supervision and cargo inspection


We handle all types of hazardous aircargo.

Our employees are trained and certified in the handling of hazardous cargo by both air and sea and are up-to-date with all applicable regulations on global forwarding of hazardous cargo. With our expertise, we manage the entire supply chain and make sure that your cargo is handled properly.

We take care of pick-up and delivery by specialised carriers, and arrange special packaging and labelling of hazardous cargo. All necessary legal documentation is also handled by us.

By air, sea or road, we also offer temperature-controlled transport as well as storage of cargo. We use state-of-the art equipment to ensure reliable transportation of all perishable goods.


Sea & Air combination is an inter-modal transport system that combines the advantages of air and ocean freight. It combines all the economic benefits of ocean and the speed of air freight. The only priorities are your priorities.You tell us the starting point and the destination; we'll find the best route for your budget and speed requirements. You can keep your deadlines while reducing freight costs.

The advantages:

Economical link to global markets

Combines the advantages of air and ocean freight

Keeps your deadlines while reducing freight costs

By exploiting the synergies of air and ocean freight, you can transport your goods at up to half the transit time of ocean freight and half the cost of air freight. So this would be best way to balance your time and money cost.


We offer seamless door-to-door services including domestic logistics, storage and distribution. Storage and warehousing complete the supply chain management process for imported and exported goods.

With our door-to-door services we are able to offer creative storage and warehousing solutions.

With our pick and pack services, we offer complete supply chain management. By outsourcing your supply chain management to us you will be able to better manage your resources. Pay for what you use and avoid the hefty overheads for long-term warehouse leases and staff.

We handle small and large quantities of products arriving by air. We break down the shipments and pick and pack the relevant products for each consignee. Your products will be re-packaged, labelled and provided with an invoice, ready for delivery. We take care to meet the terms and timelines relevant for your business.

We offer just-in-time delivery from our distribution centres or directly to the consignee. In addition we optimise pallets, perform container stuffing and offer quality and volume control, pick and pack, and merchandise and document.